1917 basic phrases at your fingertips

Take a step beyond “nihao” and “xiexie”!

Learn 1917 basic phrases with this course,and you’ll be able to express yourself in Chinese at home, in social settings, at school, at work, while traveling, or living abroad.


Each phrase is no longer than 10 characters

All of the phrases are 10 characters or fewer, so they’re easy to remember and great for beginners.



A simple and effective learning method

How do you learn? It’s simple!

On the first screen, only English appears. On the next screen, you’ll see Chinese subtitles and hear Chinese voice.

Once you get to the point where you can see the English and immediately come up with the Chinese phrase, you’ve cleared the challenge.

You can practice Chinese in a tense, exciting setting, like you’re answering quiz questions.



No hanzi required

Don’t know Chinese characters? No problem!

Each phrase is accompanied by voice and pinyin, so you can practice even if you don’t know hanzi.



Review at your own pace with a PDF textbook

The course also comes with a textbook in PDF format, so you can review each phrase at your own pace.



What am I going to get from this course?

You will be able to express the things around you in Chinese, and actively engage in conversations.


What is the target audience?

– Beginners who want to be able to communicate in Chinese

– Who wants to learn a little bit of conversation before traveling or going on a short business trip

– Who will begin a new life in China, like expatriate employees and exchange students



Section 1: Basic phrases

A collection of greetings, questions, expressions of intentions and feelings, and other basic communication phrases that can be used in any situation. If you are a beginner, let’s master these phrases first.


Section 2: Daily phrases

A collection of phrases mainly centered on dialogues among family members, friends and acquaintances.


Section 3: School / Business phrases

A collection of simple dialogues that can be used in your school life or inside and outside your company. Mainly simple and easy-to-learn phrases that can be used in any type of industry.


Section 4: Travel phrases

A collection of standard phrases needed in transportation, hotels, restaurants, shopping and others.


Section 5:  Local life phrases

A collection of essential phrases to start a new life in China, such as to search for a room, solve problems in your house, sign a phone contract, at a bank, online shopping, hospital, hairdresser and others.


Section 6: 100 Survival Phrases

Here, you can train the most common 100 phrases carefully selected from a collection of 1,917. Recommended for people without much time, like who is going on a sudden business trip, for example, or others who simply want to learn to speak a little.