FROGLANG offers Chinese language instructional materials that let you learn with video.

In 2009, we launched “kaeru-life.com” in Japan, a Chinese language learning site. We provide a range of original educational video materials that teach you pronunciation, grammar, and conversational skills. “kaeru-life.com” currently has the most users of any Chinese video learning site in Japan, and our lessons on YouTube have been viewed over three million times.


Chinese Course Features

1. All materials available in video and audio format

FROGLANG’s materials, from Chinese characters, pronunciation, grammar, through to applied speaking and conversation are all available in video and audio formats, letting you study at your pace. We also have PDF textbooks you can use to practice.

Chinese characters, pronunciation, and grammar texts are currently being produced. Please stand by!


2. Learn quickly and efficiently in our information-rich lessons

Our videos are chock-full of content, letting you study on your phone and learn a lot in a short time. They aren’t just long videos of a teacher lecturing in class — they are designed exclusively for your needs and let you focus on the lesson, not the speaker.


3. Lots of practice drills for the solo learner

In addition to lessons in grammar and pronunciation, we have basic phrasebooks and vocabulary books that you can use for practice. All of the phrases are natural ones composed by native Chinese speakers. You can memorize these and start using them right away.



Hong Zhu
Chinese instructor and interpreter

After graduating from Tianjin Foreign Studies University, began working as an Chinese-Japanese interpreter and Chinese instructor before coming to Japan. Works as an instructor at Chinese interpreting schools and meeting interpreter and simultaneously as a teacher on the “kaeru-life.com” Chinese language learning site, growing it into Japan’s most popular Chinese video learning destination. Currently works out of both China and Japan, constantly researching the latest teaching methods and developing new teaching materials.